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Saša Bart

Mladen Lovrenčić

Petra Grgasović

Saša has more than 20 years of experience consulting private and public sector on strategic challenges and innovative business models. He also acquired experience by working on different management roles in technology companies developing digital growth & transformation services. He is focused on sustainable urban mobility, e-mobility business models, public transport decarbonisation and mobility policy frameworks across EU member state. So far, Saša had a privilege to work on more than 100 projects across 13 countries.

Saša holds a B.Sc. from Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of J.J Strossmayer, an MBA from IEDC Bled School of Management, and currently pursues a PhD in Management and Organisation from Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. He also attended educational programs at Harvard Business School. He holds numerous world renowned certificates from ISACA and (ISC)2.

With over 16 years of professional experience, Mladen has more than 12 years of experience consulting private and public sector on strategic investment process and advising governments, ministries and agencies on financial management and investment climate. He is focused on various types of complex investment projects in manufacturing, tourism and technology sectors. In addition to this, Mladen was involved in implementation of several public sector technical assistance projects related to private sector investments. So far, he had a privilege to work on more than 70 projects across 8 countries.

Mladen holds a Degree in Finance from Faculty of Economics of the University in Zagreb and a Master of Science Degree in Management from Faculty of Economics in Zagreb of the University in Zagreb. In addition, he has participated in various investment related courses in Croatia and Spain.

During almost 10 years of her career, Petra acquired valuable experience working both in private and public sector. She built strategic and project level expertise by working internationally on various aspects of sustainable urban development, especially urban mobility focused on strategic mobility planning and public transport development. While acting as a representative of Croatia in European Commission’s Urban Mobility Expert Group and as an evaluator of international projects in the field of transport, Petra had the opportunity to gain a deep insight into challenges and best practice throughout European Union.

Petra holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, after which she successfully completed postgraduate studies in Environmental Engineering. She also participated in a significant number of international courses related to project management, preparation and implementation of EU co-funded projects, energy efficiency, green building and is a certified Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor.


We come from different backgrounds and industries. We are engineers, economists, architects, transport specialists. We have different views on the same challenge. But, we share the same passion for our clients’ success.