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We are committed to helping clients achieve tangible competitive advantage while progressing on sustainability agendas. We are proud members of European Commission's Expert Groups and Committees, and specific Action Clusters across CEE and EU.

About US


Trusted team of highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants can help your organisation achieve business excellence in a comprehensive range of topics.


We work with governments, municipalities, governmental and non-governmental agencies, as well as state-owned companies to realize their economic and social goals.


We are passionate evangelists of sustainable, energy-efficient and environment-friendly mobility. We assist different stakeholders to economically combine various modes of transport, and shift towards the least polluting and most energy efficient transport modes.


We help utility companies navigate challenges facing today’s operations, from changing generation mix and efforts to decarbonize, to securing fuel and energy supply at reasonable costs and optimizing operational efficiency.


We add value by incorporating niche specifics and general manufacturing best practices with our functional experience and goal-driven culture in order to produce exceptional results.


We catalyze investments in high-value accommodation and related services by optimizing capital expenditures and the use of grants.


We work together on utilizing our vast experience and drive digital transformation across industries. We align business strategy and IT functions at a multitude of levels; people, processes and technologies.