We are proud to announce the launch of the our new EU project DREAM_PACE.

The project’s common challenge is to improve accessibility and connectivity in CE peripheral and rural areas through better integration of public transport networks with Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services, building on joint development and implementation of governance, planning, digital and operational innovations.

DREAM_PACE will develop innovative DRT concepts complementing regional mobility networks. The project will improve DRT planning and delivery capacities of public authorities and operators. A new generation of DRT services will become functional and integral part of regional mobility networks, enhancing accessibility for citizens, territorial cohesion and social inclusion. Integration is the key to the DREAM_PACE innovative approach, as DRT services are mostly developed as stand alone solutions to specific needs, the potential of scalable strategies and solutions is widely underestimated.

Partners will jointly develop a strategy for DRT in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans to be adopted at EU level, co-design, test and implement innovative DRT solutions enhancing mobility networks. Strategies and solutions will foster a better integration of DRT and public transport (Bologna, Pavia, Budapest areas), support a higher coordination among existing DT initiatives (Osttirol, Baden-Wuerttenberg) and experiment new integrated approaches for DRT “greenfields” (Split-Dalmatia County).

Dyvolve Ltd. is a project partner, responsible for supporting implementation of pilot activities around new integrated approaches for DRT “greenfields” in Split-Dalmatia County, through DRT service modelling, technical and functional specifications definition, performance and impact assessments, and demonstration execution support.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Interreg Central Europe under Subsidy Contract CE0100046; DREAM_PACE

Project partners (in alphabetical order):

  • AustriaTech – Federal Agency for Technological Measures Ltd.
  • BKK Centre for Budapest Transport
  • Dyvolve Ltd.
  • Mobilissimus Ltd.
  • nexus Institute for Cooperation Management and Interdisciplinary Research
  • Redmint Social Enterprise
  • Regional Management East Tyrol
  • Rupprecht Consult
  • Split-Dalmatia County
  • SRM Networks and Mobility
  • Technische Universität Berlin

Project partners:         12
Pilot regions:                4
Budget:                         € 2.821 Mio. / including Interreg Central Europe co-financing: € 2.257 Mio.
Project duration:         01.03.2023 – 28.02.2026
Contact:                       info@dyvolve.com