Transport systems in Central Europe often show a lack of integration between modes of transport, resulting in weak local, regional and transnational accessibility. Disparities in appropriate connections within and among centres of urbanization often contribute to an unbalanced territorial development.

The overall goal of SHAREPLACE (Shared mobility and Regional transport integrated Planning for a better connected Central Europe) is to develop an innovative approach to improve the connectivity of local, regional and transnational mobility systems. SHAREPLACE will be open to all types of passenger transport services and target groups. Initial development and testing will be carried out in six pilot regions: Bergamo, Crema, Fuschlsee-Mondseeland (FUMO), Osijek, Ulm and Zalaegerszeg. By implementing living labs and actively engaging stakeholders, transferable solutions for a more integrated, accessible and harmonized mobility system in six central European regions will be designed. These solutions will be supported by innovative business models and strategic guidelines for policymakers and planners.

Dyvolve Ltd. is a project partner, responsible for supporting implementation of pilot activities in the City of Osijek focusing on planning and governance for seamless mobility-based systems. The target area for the living lab and pilot action is the City of Osijek (regional transport node), while the scaling of the solution will cover the area of Osijek urban agglomeration (195.253 inhabitants). The project will influence regional and local transport and development strategies. As any other project partner, Dyvolve Ltd. is responsible for involving stakeholders such as policy makers, service providers, mobility planners and local communities for ensuring the feasibility and transferability of measures and results.

The project is supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund.

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Project partners:                         11
Pilot regions:                                6
Budget:                                         € 2.5 Mio. / including ERDF co-financing: € 2 Mio.
Project duration:                         01.06.2017-31.11.2020
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